With the pandemic, our life has changed a lot, and Internet technologies not only helped to cope with its challenges, but also significantly increased the efficiency of many processes both in work and education. Online music lessons are no exception.
7 reasons to choose online education
Many teachers and students have found it very convenient to conduct classes online, and as a result, the general global trend is to increase the share of online music even in the absence of pandemic restrictions. And that's why.
  1. Easy to get started.
Sometimes it is very difficult for students to overcome the psychological barrier and come to a music school, because it seems that it is very obliging and generally scary. You can sign up for an online lesson in a few clicks, turn on the camera and you are already in the world of music.
2. No boundaries.
You can practice with anyone, anytime. You can afford to study with your idol, and with a teacher from the Vienna Philharmonic, and the University of Berkeley, without leaving your home. In the case of frequent moves, you are also not attached to anything - exercise regularly wherever you are.
3. High level of teacher training.
Obviously, the number of highly qualified teachers in large cities is greater. But everyone can afford to travel to classes in large cities, and then online lessons become a great alternative to traditional offline classes.
4. Convenience and time saving.
For residents of large cities, online also has its advantages - you do not need to spend energy, time and money on the road, stand in traffic jams, and carry a tool with you.
5. You can record a lesson.
Studies show that a person remembers 10% of audio and 30% of visual information. All other information is gone forever. In the case of online classes, you can always use the recording function to be able to return to the lesson again and again. And of course, it is always useful to listen and look at yourself from the outside.
6. Bonus for parents.
No need to accompany the kid on the way to class and be a silent companion in the hallway. During the online lesson, parents can safely go about their business.
7. Preliminary warm-up does not take the time of the lesson.
You can spend time on your own to act out or sing before class, and thus save useful lesson time. By the way, the same applies to consolidating the material immediately after the lesson - you can not put off the practice and repeat the material covered to consolidate. This increases the efficiency of training at times.